We live in a time when changes in our climate, our environment and in our world can no longer be ignored.
We like to take responsibility and therefore we support social and sustainable initiatives - both locally and worldwide.
On a daily basis we try to contribute to a greener world in the following ways:


Sustainable paper and cardboard from agricultural waste. Nature has no waste. We close the cycle by giving agricultural waste a second life in the form of environmentally friendly and socially responsible paper and cardboard. The environmental impact of this paper is 47% lower than that of paper from trees and 29% lower than recycled paper.


Eco Paper ist eine neue Papiergeneration und eine umweltfreundliche Alternative zu herkömmlichen Papierprodukten. Das hochwertige Papier wird hauptsächlich aus dem Pulver gemahlener Steine (Calciumcarbonat) hergestellt und ist somit baumfrei. Während der Produktion werden keine Bäume gefällt und kein Wasser oder Bleichmittel verwendet. Unser wasserabweisendes Papier verfügt über umfangreiche Zertifizierungen: ISO 14001: 2004, ROHS, REACH, FDA sowie ein C2C-Silber-Zertifikat und das Castor Caea-Zertifikat von KIWA.Water resistant paper made from rock waste! Waterproof paper is a new generation of paper and an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional paper products. No trees are cut during production and you do not need water or acids. This high-quality paper consists mainly of mineral powder (Calcium Carbonate), which makes this paper tree-free! In addition, no water or bleach is used duringproduction, in contrast to the processing of traditional pulp paper. Our water-repellent paper is ISO 14001: 2004 certified and also ROHS, REACH and FDA. Our water-repellent paper also has a C2C silver Certificate and the Castor Caea certificate from KIWA.

Trees for All

Trees for All, we try to reduce our footprint and make the earth greener. We plant trees through the 1-2 program: we plant one tree in the Netherlands and one tree abroad. This year we started with the first 40 trees! Trees for All invests in a green and healthy earth by planting trees worldwide and by restoring forest. They do this in a sustainable way in which the local population is involved as well. In this way they are committed to a healthier climate, restoration of ecosystems and biodiversity and poverty alleviation in the world. Trees for All has the CBF quality mark and an ANBI status.

Warehouse & office     

Our beautiful new building in Halsteren runs on green electricity and is gasless. We use a heat pump that warms up our office and warehouse in a sustainable and efficient way. This limits CO2 emissions.

Our next step will be solar panels! The roof has already been prepared for installation.